The Bugle Buddy

An elk bugle tube retention device that easily attaches to hunting gear for easy accessibility and organization.

We'd appreciate your help!!! If we do not meet our goal, all the money goes back to those who contributed. Please visit our Kickstarter, below, to see how you can help.

Risks and challenges

We believe in transparency, we also believe in the Bugle Buddy and hope you will too. There is always the potential of a mishap. As much as we do not want to say this, but timelines are always tentative. However, we are hands on with every aspect of the creation of the Bugle Buddy. Our communication channels will be fully engaged and updated with you, the community, to ensure you know where the Bugle Buddy is at in it's creation, right up until it's on your doorstep. So here is the information we want to share to get this project finished. First: The Injection Mold Dies We are veterans and believe in "American Made." We have located a die manufacturer in Idaho and have been quoted at around 30-35k just for the molds. The lead time to completion has also been estimated from 30-45 days. We think we can beat this time frame but if we can't, we are confident we won't go over the 45 days. We want to keep the Bugle Buddy 100% American made and this is the first costly step. Second: Production Again, we have 2 potential manufacturers in the state of Idaho that can produce the Bugle Buddy for us. As of now, we plan on using a high strength nylon plastic. What this means is we want the Bugle Buddy to be as durable as possible for your hunt. Nylon will provide strength and enough flex to not break while you're out in the woods. We will make the final decision for the nylon plastic after we've tested several prototypes made from the molds. If the military has told us anything, we know how to break gear. We assure you, our quality control is coming from expertise. If we break it, we go with another nylon composite until its right. These injection molding factories have lead times as well and depending on how fast we can get "in line" will depend on when we can complete production of the first run. We've been told with our design that we could be looking at 1000 pieces made a day (500 complete Bugle Buddies). We hope with your contributions we can get our spot in line sooner than later. Third: Straps We are still solving the strap system for the Bugle Buddy. We have tested multiple variations of the strap that will secure the bugle to the Bugle Buddy. We have found that an elastic strap with Velcro will give the best feel and retention for multiple commercial bugles. We also have to get these straps made. Our problem has been locating a manufacturer in the U.S. that can do this for us. Don't be discouraged, we are veterans and problem solvers, we will have a quality strap for the Bugle Buddy before they're made. Fourth: Packaging and Shipping Once we have our giant bucket of Bugle Buddies from the manufacturer, our assembly line will get to work. The contribution packages will be put together and shipped to everyone who contributed to the Bugle Buddy. Easy day.

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Environmental commitments

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Long-lasting design

We understand the outdoors has a way for destroying everything we take into it. We know this from experience. The Bugle Buddy was designed with durability in mind. We are using high quality nylon for strength and flexibility. We know you'll fall on it. We know you'll get it caught up on something. We know you'll leave on your gear and step on it. The Bugle Buddy will survive everything you can throw at it.

Reusability and recyclability

We plan on using a high strength flexible nylon (possibly with a partial glass fill). These plastics will be 100% recyclable.

Environmentally friendly factories

We care about our environments. All factories producing the Bugle Buddy are in the United States. EPA guidelines are thoroughly followed and adhered to for the Bugle Buddy. As a company, we plan on staying local in the state of Idaho so we can have hands on with production. If we don't like how the process is going and it is affecting our environment in a negative way, we cease production and find a new factory. A thorough vetting process has gone underway for our current locations and we're very happy with how production will proceed.