Meet the Team

Justin grew up in Boise, Idaho, with a family rooted in the great outdoors. The state’s landscape and his exposure to compassionate mentors provided a venue for a fortunate upbringing and a deep connection to the wilderness around him.
Following his grandfather in service to his country, Justin joined the United States Marine Corps Infantry at the age of 19. After multiple combat deployments to Iraq and various locations across the globe, he returned home to start a new chapter in his life. Furthering academic pursuits and integrating into the civilian workforce was the next mission.
Although this endeavor was what he needed at that time, something was missing, and life has its way of revealing other paths. Without comradery, a sense of service and dedication to something greater than himself, it was time to make another change. He soon joined the United States Special Warfare unit as a member of the Tactical Air Control Party where he continues to travel the globe in service. His most recent mission to Syria was completed in 2019.
Regardless of the time spent away from home, Justin always found a way to stay connected to his roots. Whether its wading through a crystal-clear river with a fly rod, calling waterfowl on a brisk winter morning or drinking coffee under another beautiful September morning sunrise in the mountains, he always makes a visit to nature a priority.
Justin launched 43rd Exposure in the Fall of 2018 with the desire to keep Idaho and its public land a sustainable, welcoming and peaceful home for all.

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Artist / Graphic Design

Erik grew up in North Highlands, California with family ties to northern Idaho. His upbringing from his father taught him respect for nature and the dedication for keeping it as pure as possible.  His mother taught and opened the door to art, thus leading to creative doodling on every piece of homework he ever turned in.

After years of graphic design related work and living in a surreal “Office Space” time warp, he signed on the dotted line with the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry option in 2006. After boot camp and the Marine’s School of Infantry, he paved his path to have the opportunity to join the Scout Sniper Platoon. After his first deployment, he went to, and passed Marine Sniper School.  Erik finished his time in the service as the assistant team leader on another deployment.  

After the Marine Corps, Erik began work as a high-threat defense contractor in a designated defensive marksman role for both the DOD and DOS. In 2016, after 6 years of contractor work,  Erik headed to his new home in Idaho and enrolled at Boise State University. He graduated with a BA in Communication in 2019. 

The love of the outdoors and art were always prevalent, and what better place to continue his passions than Idaho.  From tying flies, to walking the woods with a bow, Erik has always been in touch with nature. Erik leads the way in creativity for 43rd Exposure, as an Artist and Graphic Designer, to help further the message of wildlife preservation and conservation.