On October 26th, 2019 43rd Exposure executed the 2019 Boise River Cleanup.  Over 90 individuals attended and covered over 12 miles of riverfront from Barber Park, to Garden City, Idaho.  

Over 2600 pounds of trash were collected, and properly disposed of in just under three hours.

Special thanks to all who attended our first public event.  We couldn't have executed this phenomenal effort without the support of the volunteers in the Boise community.  Additionally, thank you to all the business sponsors.  Your willingness to contribute to your community did not go unnoticed to all involved.   

43rd Exposure's goal is to make this a yearly event every October.  With the size of the event growing every year, encompassing the entirety of the Boise River.  

If you'd like to volunteer in making this event even better in the years to come, please reach out to Justin.