Elk Euro Patch

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"I grew up hunting with my Dad, stumbling alongside him as he stalked elk in the pine forests of Southeastern Oregon. After missing out on nearly a decade and a half of hunting with him, trading the home I grew up in for the deserts and mountains of a world far away, I was given the opportunity through some great friends to go on this hunt. This amazing bull was taken in 2012 on opening day with my Dad crouching by my side.  It could not have been a more perfect moment. We’ve been hunting together every year since. Here’s to you Dad."

This patch is a limited edition reminder to all who cherish this remarkable passion.  The values, morals and traditions passed down by those special to us must not be forgotten.  Our time on this earth is limited.  Be thankful for every moment you have, and as always, share your passion with those you hold dear.

~43rd Exposure Team

This patch is roughly 4.5" tall by 3.5" wide, and ships with a numbered art card. We ship worldwide.