The Power of the Stache

The Power of the Stache

Generally, we here at 43rd Exposure don’t try to pit one group against another. It’s not always hunters vs. non-hunters, public land vs. private land, or rifles vs. arrows. There is one topic, however, that you’re either for or against; There’s simply no middle ground when it comes to the mustache.

We’d love to agree with folks who say mustaches are dirty, displeasing, uncivilized and lazy, but we’d be wrong. The fact of the matter is, every hair that adorns a man’s upper lip is a key ingredient to his masculinity. It’s a personal accoutrement rooted in tradition, virtue and steadfast character.

Sure, there are some mustaches that have gone rogue. They cling to the cupid’s bow of villains, scalawags and the scum of the earth. But let’s not forget the iconic mustaches throughout history that have stopped the hearts of women, garnered the respect of troops at war and wooed enemies into submission.

Tom Selleck

If you’re looking for a timeless, steamy stache, look no further than Magnum P.I. himself. As the folks from Art of Manliness put it, when pre-pubescent mustaches grow up, they want to be Tom Selleck’s mustache. We’re not even sure that Tom has ever been spotted without a mustache. Legend has it his upper lip has been swathed in a dense flurry of fur since birth.

Wyatt Earp

From Dodge City to Tombstone, Arizona, Wyatt trudged through the lawless west alongside his brothers and the infamous Doc Holiday. It’s nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the integrity of this historic lawman, but one thing’s for sure, his mustache is likely what saved him while bullets rained down during the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Bushy yet well-groomed, his stache shielded both lips and curled along his jawline as if to say, “drop your gun and run.” Not to mention he stole the heart of actress Josephine Marcus who fought to clear Wyatt’s name until her dying day.

Yosemite Sam

Best known for a bright red mustache that boldly serves as a beard, mouth and eyebrows all at once, Looney Toons’ Yosemite Sam is famous for his hair-trigger temper and unmatched hatred for rabbits. He’s a hot-headed, gunslinging outlaw who, by the strength of his mustache, survives being crushed by boulders and run over by trains. Sam’s been perfectly cast as a Viking, a sailor, a chef, a pirate and the mascot of the 20th Intelligence Squadron at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, thanks to his epic facial hair.

Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy’s mustache functioned as an impenetrable shield in the Amazon basin, during the war in Cuba, while forming the Bull Moose party and running election campaigns, and throughout the Progressive Era as he fought for land conservation policies that have since inspired people like us to do our part to preserve America’s public lands. It’s Theodore Roosevelt, his spectacles and classic stache that motivate us to cherish our natural resources and maintain them for generations to come. The only job better than serving our country is the job of the guy who got to carve Roosevelt’s mustache into the face of Mount Rushmore.

If these quintessential staches don’t inspire you to skip the shave, here’s something to consider: science has proved* that outdoorsmen with a mustache are 86% more likely to be successful during a hunting or fishing excursion than those without. Men with beards garner an additional 7% success rate on top of that.

So tell us, you caterpillar-lipped men of the world, whose mustache inspires you to #LiveYourPassion? We really want to know. In fact, we challenge you to tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your face accessory.  The best mustache gets a free 43rd Exposure hat and sticker package.  

Contest Rules

  • Post a photo of yourself sporting your best stache.
  • Tag 43rd Exposure and two of your friends. 
  • Use hashtags #liveyourpassion #43rdmustaches #weliketohavefunhere
  • The winner will be announced October 1, 2019.


*not real science

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